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Cahill//Costello are an ambient duo from Glasgow, Scotland and consist of guitarist Kevin Daniel Cahill and drummer Graham Costello. Their process fuses elements of minimalism and ambient music to create a shared, highly emotive soundworld, without regard for overcomplication or unnecessary tangents.


The music-making is grounded in patience and clarity, an honest appeal to the heart of the listener. Both Graham and Kevin met whilst studying at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in 2012. Although both studied different disciplines (jazz & classical) they shared a mutual passion for minimalism and improvisation across a variety of different genres. This friendship and shared passion ultimately led to Graham and Kevin collaborating together on a number of different solo projects before forming Cahill//Costello.


Cahill//Costello adopt an “analogue” approach to their composition and performance, following the conceptual idea of everything happening strictly within the moment. This approach is evident in their live performances, extended ambient improvisations and aleatoric use of analogue tape loops and soundscapes. The duo is a vehicle for ambient and minimal expression, striving to create a musical language that is uniquely their own.

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